Legal Services


The decision to hire a lawyer is most likely one of the most difficult and important decisions that you can make.

After all, your future, livelihood and freedom may be at stake. In choosing a lawyer, trust is key. You need to be confident that your lawyer not only has the legal knowledge and experience, but also the passion, devotion and time to pursue your case and advocate in your best interest. With the Law Offices of Vanessa Candelaria, P.C. you can expect all of that and more.

The divorce process can be daunting. Vanessa’s approach is to educate her clients about the divorce process, the options for each case and to provide an appropriate recommendation for your situation. Knowing your rights will empower you to make the best decision for you.


Clients consult with Vanessa to obtain information about his or her family law matter. Consultations provide an excellent opportunity for clients to get a feel for Vanessa’s approach.  Clients may choose to retain Vanessa on a consulting basis in mediation matters and in cases in which clients represent themselves in court. Vanessa can assist in preparing her clients to present their cases to a judge. In consulting matters, clients represent themselves and call upon Vanessa to provide legal advice and guidance during the divorce process. Vanessa is not the attorney of record and does not direct the litigation.


Vanessa recognizes that her clients face personal and difficult legal issues, and the results that she achieves will shape her clients’ futures and ability to move forward. Vanessa works collaboratively with her clients and involves them at every stage in the process. The ultimate goal is to create an acceptable solution that helps clients maintain control of their lives and avoid unnecessary litigation. When possible, Vanessa seeks solutions that lead to an agreement between the parties and views litigation as a last resort. In those cases where litigation is necessary, Vanessa is prepared to skillfully argue her cases before the court.


The Law Offices of Vanessa Candelaria, P.C. offers mediation services to help resolve family law conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Mediation is form of alternative dispute resolution in which the mediator acts as a facilitator for the parties and serves as a neutral to help the parties reach a resolution. The mediator is either appointed by the Court, or more typically, selected by the parties. Mediation is private and confidential. Nothing discussed in the mediation can be used against a party in court at a later time.

Vanessa recognizes the importance of trying to resolve cases without court involvement. The mediation process focuses on reaching agreement in a structured process that minimizes stress and conflict for families. Vanessa recognizes that litigation is not only expensive, but it also takes away the decision making and autonomy. She is prepared to discuss with her clients the different mediation options available to them and offer practical advice on whether to pursue this course of action.

Document Preparation

Family law matters involve many documents, forms and pleadings that must be completed and filed with the court. Vanessa assists clients with document preparation and oversees the entire process to ensure that the documents are completed and that the documents are in compliance with the rules. Vanessa assists with the following documents:

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Paternity Proceedings
  • Child Custody & Visitation and Parenting Agreements
  • Child Support Orders
  • Spousal Support Orders

What Sets Our Team Apart

The Law Offices of Vanessa Candelaria, P.C. offers special programs that make our firm unique, affordable and charitable.

The vast majority of litigants in family court are self-represented. While there are many reasons why a litigant represents his or herself, it is usually because they simply cannot afford an attorney. In her own way, Vanessa aims to bridge the access to justice gap one person at a time.

Flat Fee Programs for Uncontested Divorces

Often times, divorcing couples have worked out most, if not all, of the important issues without the necessity of court involvement. Through mediation, Vanessa assists divorcing couples with moderate incomes who want a professional to handle the paperwork associated with their divorce and to mediate minor issues. Having a moderate income means that the individuals do not qualify for legal aid services, but he or she also cannot afford full legal representation.   Vanessa takes care of the paperwork and assists the couple in negotiating an agreement for a flat fee. She makes sure that clients understand the legal ramifications of their agreements and crafts agreements that are unique to that family. Couples who are interested in mediating with Vanessa should contact her to discuss their situation. Vanessa will explain the process and determine whether the couple qualifies for her Flat Fee Program.

Pro Bono and Limited Scope Representation

Vanessa is committed to serving her community, and in particular, the less fortunate. Vanessa finds that representing low-income clients is a rewarding experience. She will accept pro bono clients and represent clients on a limited scope basis from time to time.

Donating The Unused Portion of Your Retainer to Charity

Clients whose cases are completed have the option of donating the unused portion of his or her retainer to a local charity. Clients who opt to donate all or a portion of their unused retainer may donate their funds to organizations that assist children, battered women’s shelters, legal aid programs or homeless victims. Vanessa will match her client’s donation. It is important for Vanessa to offer this option to her clients because she believes in the power of “paying it forward.”