Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say about our services.  You can click to read the entire testimonial.



Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say about our services.  You can click to read the entire testimonial.

Mark B.

blockquoteI rolled the yelp dice for a divorce lawyer and ended up with Vanessa… thank goodness. Her hour consultation was jam packed with helpful advice to proceed. – Mark B.

Tommie B.

blockquoteI contacted several offices and luckily was able to meet with Vanessa the soonest, THANK GOD! After only spending minutes with Vanessa I could tell that she was incredibly knowledgeable and developed a detailed strategy for my case. – Tommie B

Marjorie A.

blockquoteNo words can express how grateful I am to have her as an ally. If you ever need help with the law, give Vanessa Candelaria an hour of your time and I guarantee you will leave her office satisfied. – Marjorie A.

Chantal W.

blockquoteVanessa was always able to preform her duties and provide an outcome that would not only be honest and fair but would be acceptable to both parties. An extremely difficult time in my life finally came to an end. And my deepest thanks and admirations go out to Vanessa Candelaria and her law firm. – Chantal W.

Lidia A.

blockquoteHer whole conduct was so professional and high standard that the other side’s lawyer looked as an ” amateur”. You want to have and you must have Vanessa on your side. – Lidia A.

Edward C.

blockquoteShe truly cares about you and your situation. I highly recommend her and can’t say enough good about her! – Edward C.

Leslie I.

blockquoteVanessa fought hard for me with a compassion that minimized my fears throughout the process. She eased the uncertainty of going through this difficult period of my life with professionalism.

Valerie F.

blockquoteI was very impressed by Vanessa’s advocacy skills as well as by her experience and knowledge of the law, as was the lead partner supervising me on the case.

Mariza G.

blockquoteAll of the sudden I was faced with raising 3 young children on my own, a house I could not afford, and so much more. Vanessa listened to my story and gave me comfort during a stressful time.

Chris S.

blockquoteI knew my ex would prove to be difficult and I really needed an advocate who would help me stay focused and fight for the best interest of my son. Vanessa created a strategy which was beneficial for both of us.

Sergio V.

blockquoteVanessa has been an invaluable resource in my divorce proceedings. She has helped guide me through all the confusing paperwork and has provided a clear and simple path to resolving my court case. I feel very fortunate to have such a helpful and professional attorney in my corner through this difficult process.

Sara S.

blockquote I spoke to several attorneys prior to meeting her and was not able to find someone who could help our family make this process as painless as possible while keeping in mind what is best for our children.  I am eternally grateful!