Valerie F.

blockquoteVanessa was my opposing counsel in a very high conflict custody case when I was an associate at a larger firm. I was very impressed by Vanessa’s advocacy skills as well as by her experience and knowledge of the law, as was the lead partner supervising me on the case. While many attorneys would have litigated every issue in the matter (and ramped up their attorney fees), Vanessa and I were able to reach stipulated orders to both of our clients’ benefits. I was so impressed with Vanessa, that I have since referred her clients when my present firm has a conflict of interest. Anyone who is represented by Vanessa will have the pleasure of dealing with a down to earth and incredibly intelligent lady. She is somebody that I am always excited to have against me on a case because I know she will be ethical and fair. At the same time, I know her litigation skill-set and familiarity with the courtroom will call for a lot of effort and focus on my part. She can be very aggressive in both seemingly amicable settings and in Court, so do not be fooled by her pretty smile and seemingly low-key demeanor.