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  • Bernadette R.

    I would recommend Vanessa as anyone attorney she is someone that is on top of all California laws and she is very professional and also friendly as a person, she has helped my son with his issue for his child situation for visitation rights and just rights as a father. For me I can say […]

    Nicholas M.

    Vanessa Candaleria and her team have the best communication skills in the business. One thing about attorneys and being able to gain their trust is to be able to respond in a timely matter. This law office does that and some. I’m pleased with their work ethic and attention to detail. They all know what […]

    Kris D.

    I would highly recommend Vanessa and her team to anyone who asks. She is very knowledgeable and professional and I always felt informed about what to expect with updates and communication from Vanessa and her team. Going through a divorce or post divorce negotiations can be very stressful but with Vanessa and her team working […]

  • Johnny D.

    I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa and her team. They are amazing and I would highly recommend them. I found them with very little time before my court date. In crunch time they helped me to prepare all necessary documents, organize myself and get ready for mediation. Family court is never a fun […]

    David M.

    Vanessa is amazing! My cousin had an issue with an ex-spouse that needed to be dealt with promptly and Vanessa was extremely knowledgeable/responsive, laid out all of the options with pros and cons for each, and tenaciously fought on my cousin’s behalf! As a lawyer myself, I am thankful we were able to find such […]


    Vanessa did a great job supporting me through my divorce and troubleshooting several different issues. I really appreciated her help, especially in a non-amicable separation. I would highly recommend Vanessa. She was very knowledgeable and had great ideas.

  • Zaure A.

    Vanessa is an incredible lawyer who knows just exactly what her client needs. I was in a very dark place, lost, and wanted to get help especially not knowing how to handle or where to even start with divorce. She made sure I understood everything clearly and has helped me with my divorce proceeding in […]


    The whole idea of getting a divorce was overwhelming. Vanessa helped me throughout the whole process, from helping me fill out all the loads of confusing paperwork to giving me the confidence to negotiate a fair agreement between me and my ex. Her staff, Kerri and Kaitlin, also were extremely helpful and very responsive to […]

    Mita N.

    I would highly recommend seeking legal representation from Vanessa Candelaria. She has the insight, experience, and knowledge of family law which impacted the results of my case. Aside from her expertise, you can sense off the bat that Vanessa is passionate about what she does, and as a mother herself, she is genuine in her […]

  • m a m.

    I had an unusual legal situation. I asked Vanessa for a referral since I wasn’t sure my issue was within her scope of Family Law. She researched my situation, educated me as to what my options were and then offered to write a letter to the attorney. I was thrilled that she had done this […]

    Greg A.

    Vanessa and her legal team are some of the most competent and dedicated legal professionals I have ever met. She worked so hard to help me and my family through a very dark time. She will above and beyond for he clients.

    Angel G.

    I highly recommend The Law Offices of Vanessa Candelaria! The staff was always so friendly and helpful. They were so professional and Vanessa was so prepared she made he other attorneys look like they were a mess!! I genuinely felt cared about, respected and worth fighting for! In my most vulnerable time she was uplifting […]

  • Jen F.

    The BEST DECISION I ever made . I was in such a bad position and Vanessa helped me get through the hardest time of my life. You can tell she really cares about her client. Hire her and get the job done. My sister referred me to her and thank god!


    I’m so thankful for Vanessa and her staff. I was very anxious about starting the process of gaining full legal and physical custody of my daughters. Once I met with Vanessa, she put my mind at ease and I knew that I found the right attorney to work with. She took the time to sit […]


    Vanessa from the very beginning of my case has been a very warm and caring help. I wouldn’t have asked for anything different. She has been a great listener, a great writer of agreements & orders, on point, well spoken, and she responds quickly to my needs. These kind of family matters are not easy […]

  • Christine

    Vanessa made a great deal with my ex husband, one we both agreed to. Saving me money by not having to go to court. She was so nice explaining every step. And her helper Kerri is always there to help.


    As everyone who has gone through it can attest, divorce is typically a very long, complicated and overwhelming process. After more than 2 years of attempting to complete my divorce on my own and not getting anywhere, I was fortunate enough to find Vanessa Candelaria. Her professionalism and expertise has made a huge difference in […]

    Valerie Fenchel

    Vanessa is incredibly professional, experienced, and gets results for her clients. Vanessa was my opposing counsel in a very high conflict custody case when I was an associate at a larger firm. I was very impressed by Vanessa’s advocacy skills as well as by her experience and knowledge of the law, as was the lead […]

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa brings empathy and professionalism into your case. In the time that we worked on my case I was impressed with her attention to detail and creative approaches. I would highly recommend her!


    Vanessa Candelaria represented me in my divorce case. She was very professional and truly cared about my case and me as a person. During this difficult time in my life, it was good to know that Vanessa was on my side and did her best to reach a mutual agreement in a timely manner. She […]


    I feared having to take that next step. The next step required was hiring an attorney. I knew right away that Vanessa had my best interest in mind. Not only did she explain everything in way I could understand she took the time needed to help me feel comfortable about my future journey. She provided […]

  • Ed

    Vanessa Candelaria was the third family lawyer I worked with. My case was a difficult custody case that many other lawyers even refused to consider taking on. Vanessa did an excellent job of handling the case. She was always ready with case law when we needed to go to court. I was always kept in […]


    I hired Vanessa in the summer of 2015 to help me through my divorce. She comfortably communicated my ex’s aggressive and unreasonable lawyer. With her help I was able to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement agreement and complete the divorce out of court. Vanessa earned my respect with her responsiveness, knowledge and compassion. She has […]


    Vanessa did a phenomenal job representing me in my my prenup agreement. She was very thorough and explained everything in plain English. She fought and pushed hard to protect my interests, well-being, and assets and thought of the many unforeseen situations that life could bring in the future. I will seek her help again in […]

  • Daniel H.

    I have known Vanessa for several years, and can safely attest that she is a is a wonderful and compassionate attorney who understands the ins and outs of all areas of family law and divorce. If you are looking for an attorney who will help you navigate the court system efficiently and compassionately, she is […]

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